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Oct 1, 2011 5:50pm EDT
to be a u.s. circuit judge for the poor circuit. votes will follow. you can see the senate live on c-span2. >> get regular updates of what is on the c-span networks on twitter. get a quick program information, including which events are live. it is easy to sign up. the latest, most instant information of what to watch on c-span networks now on twitter. >> fcc chairman julius genachowski links u.s. economy and jobs growth with broadband high-speed internet. this is about 35 minutes. >> i would like to say thank-you to chairman genachowski for allowing us to put on this event. we are very excited to be talking about these topics and how they can help us to put forward. i have had the pleasure of knowing him for several years and have been very excited about the initiatives he has been pushing. we also have warren brown, the owner and founder of the washington d.c. area business with seven locations throughout the metro area. they are great example of how can work together to spur new growth for local businesses by leveraging technology in driving people from the on-line world into the on-lin
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1